I can’t find the missions or apps.

Your MWorld program consists of two main elements: a weekly set of missions and a weekly set of MWorld apps.


The missions encourage children to explore and discuss new topics. They work well with input and discussion with Mum or Dad. The missions are in your parent portal. We email you each week when your next mission is ready. Just click the mission link in the email and it will take you straight to it. You can open the portal on any internet-capable device.


The apps are for the child to explore by themselves. When you signed up, we sent you an email with your child’s login details. If you haven’t seen this email or the mission emails, please check your spam or junk folder for mail from team@discovermworld.com.


You get a new set of MWorld apps each week. You can access them inside the main MWorld app, which works best in areas with good wifi speeds.

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